Privacy policy

Protection of information of personal character as the LOPD

ENGLISH HOTEL, S.L., according to the current regulation on the subject of protection of information of personal character, he informs that the personal details that are gathered across the forms of the Web site:, they are included in the specific automated files of users of the services of ENGLISH HOTEL, S.L.

The collection and automated treatment of the information of personal character takes as a purpose the maintenance of the commercial relation and the performance of tasks of information, formation, advice and other proper activities of HOTEL NEW VICTORY, S.L.

This information will only be transferred to those entities that are necessary with the only purpose to give fulfillment to the purpose previously exposed.

ENGLISH HOTEL, S.L. adopts the necessary measures to guarantee the safety, integrity and confidentiality of the information in accordance with the arranged in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Advice, of April 27, 2016 relative to the protection of the natural persons as for personal details treatment and to the free circulation of the same ones.

The user will be able in any moment to exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation recognized in the said Regulation (EU). The proper user can realize the exercise of these rights across e-mail to:

The user shows that all the information facilitated by him is true and correct, and promises to keep them updated, communicating the changes to ENGLISH HOTEL S.L.

Purpose of the treatment of the personal details:

With what purpose will we treat your personal details?

In ENGLISH HOTEL, S.L., we will treat your personal details obtained across the Web site:, with the following purposes:

  1. In case of hiring of the goods and services offered across, to maintain the contractual relation, as well as the management, administration, information, service and progress of the service.
  2. Mailing of information requested across the forms arranged in
  3. To send bulletins (newsletters), as well as commercial communications of promotions and/or publicity of and of the sector.

We remind to you that you can be opposed to the mailing of commercial communications for any route and in any moment, sending an e-mail to the direction indicated previously.

The fields of the above mentioned records belong to obligatory cumplimentación, being impossible to realize the expressed purposes if this information is not contributed.

Given that time the obtained personal details survive?

The proportionate personal details will survive while the commercial relation is supported or you do not request its suppression and during the term for which legal responsibilities could stem for the given services.


The treatment of your information is realized by the following juridical bases that legitimize the same one:

  1. The request of information and/or the hiring of the services of ENGLISH HOTEL, S.L., whose terms and conditions will be put at your disposal in any case, of form before to a possible hiring.
  2. The free, specific, informed and unequivocal assent, while we inform you putting at your disposal the present privacy politics, that after the reading of the same one, in case of being similar, you can accept by means of a declaration or a clear affirmative action, as marked with a pigeonhole arranged to the effect.

In case you do not facilitate your information to us or do it of erroneous or incomplete form, we will not be able to attend to your request, turning out to be completely impossible to provide the requested information to you or carry out the hiring of the services.


The information will not communicate to any third foreign one to ENGLISH HOTEL, S.L., except legal obligation.

Information compiled by users of the services

In the cases in which the user includes files with information of personal character in the servants of shared accommodation, HOTEL NEW VICTORY, S.L. does not become responsible for the nonperformance on the part of the user of the RGPD.

Information retention in conformity to the LSSI

ENGLISH HOTEL S.L reports of that, as lender of service of accommodation of information and by virtue of the established in the Ley34/2002 of July 11 of Services of the Information society and of Electronic commerce (LSSI), retains for a maximum period of 12 months the essential information to identify the origin of the guest information and the moment in which the service began. The retention of this information does not affect to the secret of the communications and they will be able only to be used in the frame of a criminal investigation or for the safe-conduct of the public safety, putting itself at the disposal of the judges and/or courts or the Department that this way needs them. The information communication to the Forces and Bodies of the State will be done in virtue to the arranged in the regulation on personal details protection.

Rights intellectual property

ENGLISH HOTEL S.L is a holder of all the copyright, intellectual, industrial property, «know how» and all the other rights keep relation with the contents of the web site and the services offered in the same one, as well as of the programs necessary for its implementation and the related information.

There is not allowed the reproduction, publication and/or use not definitely deprived of the contents, entire or partial ones, of the web site without the previous assent and in writing.

Intellectual property of the software

The user must respect the programs of third positions at its disposal for ENGLISH HOTEL S.L, even being free and/or of public disposition.

ENGLISH HOTEL S.L has the necessary rights of development and intellectual property of the software.

The user does not acquire any right or licenses for the employed service, neither on the software necessary for the service, nor either on the technical information of pursuit of the service, made exception of the rights and licenses necessary for the fulfillment of the employed services and only during the duration of the same ones.

For any performance that exceeds the fulfillment of the contract, the user will need authorization in writing on the part of ENGLISH HOTEL S.L, the user having left prohibited to gain access, to modify, to visualize the configuration, structure and files of the servants property of ENGLISH HOTEL S.L, assuming the legal and penal liability derived from any incidence that could take place in the servants and safety systems as a result direct of a negligent or malicious performance for his part.

Intellectual property of the guest contents

The use opposite to the legislation is prohibited on intellectual property of the services given by ENGLISH HOTEL S.L and, in particular of:

  1. The use that turns out to be opposite to the Spanish laws or that infringes the rights of third.
  2. The publication or the transmission of any content that, in opinion of ENGLISH HOTEL S.L, turns out to be violent, obscene, excessive, illegal, racial, xenophobic or slanderous.
  3. The cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that damages rights of the intellectual property of third.
  4. The collection and/or use of personal details of other users without its express assent or violating the arranged in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Advice, of April 27, 2016 relative to the protection of the natural persons as for personal details treatment and to the free circulation of the same ones.
  5. The use of the servant of mail of the domain and of the e-mail addresses for the mailing of not wished massive mail.

The user has all the responsibility on the content of its web, the transmitted and stored information, the linkage of hypertext, the claims of third and the legal actions in reference to intellectual property, rights of third and minors’ protection.

The user is responsible with regard to the laws and regulations in force and the rules that have to do with the functioning of the on-line service, electronic commerce, copyright, public law and order maintenance, as well as universal principles of Internet use.

The user will indemnify to ENGLISH HOTEL S.L for the expenses that was generating the imputation of the ENGLISH HOTEL S.L in some cause which responsibility was attributable to the user, including fees and expenses of juridical defense, even in case of not definitive judicial decision.

Protection of the guest information

ENGLISH HOTEL S.L realizes safety copies of the contents stayed at its servants, nevertheless it does not take responsibility of the loss or the accidental erasure of the information on the part of the users. Of equal way, it does not guarantee the entire restoration of the information erased by the users, since the said information might have been suppressed and/or modified during the period of time passed from the last copy of safety.

The offered services, except the specific backup services, do not include the restoration of the contents preserved in the safety copies realized by ENGLISH HOTEL S.L, when this loss is attributable to the user; in this case, a tariff will decide according to the complexity and volume of the recovery, always previous acceptance to the user.

The information restoration erased only is included in the price of the service when the loss of the content stems from causes attributable to ENGLISH HOTEL S.L.

Commercial communications

According to the LSSI. ENGLISH HOTEL S.L will not send advertizing or promotional communications by e-mail or another mass communication media equivalent electronics that previously they had not been requested or definitely authorized by the recipients of the same ones.

In case of users with whom a previous contractual relation exists, ENGLISH HOTEL S.L yes is authorized to the mailing of commercial communications regarding products or services of the ENGLISH HOTEL S.L that are similar to which initially there were a hiring object with the client.

In any case, the user can request that there are not done any more commercial informations come across the Attention channels to the Client, after crediting its identity.

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